In boilers that use diesel as fuel, there is a question of whether b diesel (agricultural-red) can be used instead of diesel C (heating-blue). The answer to this question is that there are two fundamental reasons for using diesel C:

  • Energy saving:
    Both diesel B and C have a similar calorific power (approximately 10,250 kcal/kg) but the difference is Diesel C is approximately on average at an average density of 880kg/m3, while diesel B has 830kg/m3 density. This means that if 10,000  kutris of diesel B are needed to heat something, with just  over  9,400 liters of diesel C would have been enough, and as diesel is sold in liters the savings exceed 5%.
  • Addition :
    Diesel B is designed to burn as fuel in internal explosion engines, with very different additive packages than those of diesel C, which is designed to burn as fuel in boiler burners. If diesel B is used in boilers, salts can form that dirty and clog burners. Even if priopri is thought that being a lighter diesel will keep the fuel system cleaner.